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How can I help you?

General massage
Keep tissues, joints, muscles and fascia strong and durable
Stabilizes the nervous system, immune system, hormones and blood pressure
Relaxation massage for your everyday luxury
Muscle care for office workers

Everyday stress, fatigue and headaches
Helps you feel more calm and comfortable
Reduces pain sensitivity
Reduces headaches, migraines, stress and anxiety
Better management of stress and better sleep quality

E.g. football player, swimmer, dancer, runner, professional or hobbyist
Reduces muscle tears, tension, fatigue, heavy legs and muscle soreness
Regular massage reduces the risk of injuries
Complement for fitness and rehabilitation after accidents, injuries e.g. cruciate ligament rupture

Rheumatism and fibromyalgia
Reduces pain sensitivity
Strengthens the nervous system
Stabilizes the immune system
Light massage with a big effect

Long Covid
Relieves tension in the head, neck, back and chest
Helps against brain fog, fatigue and numbness
Brings back energy, easier breathing and a better quality of life
Reduces stress reactions, muscle cramps and headaches

Other problems
Osteoarthritis, frozen shoulder, runner's knee, tendonitis, lumbago, neck pain, shoulder pain, headache, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, foot pain, joint pain, chronic pain, cellulite, sleep problems

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Massage overview

About me

Massages at a glance

Massage 30 min

CHF 70.-

First trial massage
CHF 50.-

Massage 60 min

CHF 130.-

First trial massage
CHF 90.-

Massage 90 min

CHF 170.-

First trial massage
CHF 120.-

Relaxation massage, classic massage, sports massage, foot massage, pregnancy massage, trigger points, fascia treatment, mobilization, myoreflex therapy

Meditation, mindfulness, yoga, stretching, blackroll, breathing therapy, stress management

About me

  • Daniel Johansson
  • 2 years of training in Sweden as a medical massage therapist and MediYoga teacher. 8 years of experience with various additional training courses. I am a Viking from the Swedish west coast. I also studied astrophysics and have a degree in civil engineering. I am very interested in health, experiencing nature, exciting scientific discoveries and experiencing the world with curiosity and enjoyment.

    my goal
    I would like to offer you reliable support through personalized therapeutic massages. I provide customized treatments, not only for relaxation, but also with targeted techniques to relieve pain, improve mobility and promote general well-being. My mission is to enable clients to live their best lives through competent advice, compassionate support and targeted massage methods.

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